How to Delete a Gmail account?

How to Delete Gmail Account?

How to Delete Gmail Account?

Are you ready to delete your Gmail account? If you no longer need your Gmail address, you can remove it from your Google Account. Google warns that if you delete your Gmail account you will no longer be able to send and receive emails to that address, although you can reset your Gmail account if you change your mind and no one else will be able to use the account in the future. buycrack

How to Delete Gmail Account?

If you use Gmail at work, school, or in another group, contact your admin. Be sensible: Before deleting your Gmail account, consider downloading your data in case you need it in the future.

How to Delete a Gmail account? (Step by Step)

  1. Sign in to your Google account.
  2. Click on “Data & Privacy” on the left.
  3. Scroll down to ‘Data for apps and services you use.
  4. In the “Download or delete data” section, click Remove Google service.
  5. Enter your password. 6. Click the trash can button next to “Gmail”.
  6. Enter an existing email address from which you want to access Google services and then click the ‘Send verification email’ button. You cannot use any other Gmail address.
  7. Open your Google email and click the link to delete your account.
  8. When prompted, select “Yes, I want to delete my Gmail account”.
  9. Click “Delete Gmail” and then “Finish”.

Delete your Google account

  • You can delete your Google Account at any time. If you change your mind, you may not be able to restore it.

Step 1: Find out what it means to delete your account

All account data and content such as email, files, calendars and photos will be lost. You cannot use Google services if you sign in with this account, such as Gmail, Drive, Calendar or Play. You will lose access to subscriptions and content purchased with this account on YouTube or Google Play, such as apps, movies, games, music and TV shows. IObit Uninstaller Pro Crack

The more data and content you lose Before deleting a hacked or hacked account, consider using the Security Checker to learn more about which parts of your account were accessed without your permission. That way, you can take steps to reduce further damage done by the hacker.

  • Save passwords to your Google Account to see if they have been used and to see if you need to change them.
  • Save contacts to your Google account to see if they have been downloaded and notify contacts to check for suspicious messages.
  • Use Google Wallet for transactions, check for unauthorized payments and dispute them. Important: Once you delete an account, you will no longer be able to use Security Checkup to track activity related to that account.

Step 2: Check and download your data

Before deleting your account:

  • Check the information in your account.
  • Learn how to download the data you want to keep.
  • If you use your Gmail address for online banking, social media or apps, enter a new email address for those services.
  • Update your account recovery information in case you try to recover your account later.
  • Learn how to add recovery information.

Step 3: delete your account

Note: If you have more than one Google Account, the others will not be deleted if you delete one. Go to the Data & Privacy section of your Google Account.

  • Scroll down to the “Data & Privacy Settings” section.
  • Select More options and then select Remove Google account.
  • Follow the instructions to delete your account.

How to Delete a Gmail account? (Step by Step)

Remove other services from your Google account

If you don’t want to delete your entire Google Account, do the following:

  • Remove Gmail from your account.
  • Remove other Google services.
  • Remove the apps that access your account.

Remove a Google account from your device

Follow the instructions below to remove an account from your device without deleting it. If you can’t find your device, visit the manufacturer’s support website.

  • Pixel phone.
  • Nexus device.
  • Other Android devices.
  • iOS device.

Reset your account

If you change your mind or accidentally delete your account, you can get it back. Learn more about account recovery.


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